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Available in 210Lts drum, Bulk flexi bags, ISO tankers.

Virgin Base oils


Newly refined crude oil is referred to as virgin base oil, it has not been previously used and sets the bar for oil quality. Once used in any way, it is then referred to as “used oil” and can then go through further refinement to be considered recycled or re-refined.


Virgin is the mostly commonly used oil found within a wide spectrum of lubricant products on the market and is also used to formulate superior passenger car motor oils, heavy duty motor oils, automatic transmission fluids, and also has agriculture, detergents/dispersants, greases, hydraulic fluids and oils, metalworking, and food contact applications.


  • High level of Purity
  • Better viscosity index
  • High level of saturate compounds
  • More sable & Less reactive
  • Less sulphur or aromatic content


  • Group I – SN 60, SN 70, SN 100, SN 150, SN 200, SN 300, SN 500, SN 600, BS 150
  • Group II – 60N, 70N, 150N, 220N, 500N, 600N
  • Group III – 2 CST, 3 CST, 4 CST, 6 CST, 8 CST
  • Group IV – PAO 2, PAO 4, PAO 6, PAO 8, PAO 10 (Poly alpha olefins)
  • Pale Oil / NApthanics – P40, P60, P100

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