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Available in 210Lts drum, Bulk flexi bags, ISO tankers.

Rubber Process Oil


RéGlo Rubber process oils are used as processing aid in manufacturing of rubber products.
Rubber process oils functions as a plasticizer, improving the process ability and filter incorporation, or as extender. Based upon the finished product, we shall recommend the choice of oil from our extensive range of products.


• To improve process ability of rubber and rubber compounds as process aids
• To increase the bulk of rubber (Oil extender rubbers) in order to low cost.


  • Key Functions of process AID
  • Reduce Viscosity & elasticity
  • Aid dispersion of filters
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Non Toxic
  • Does not affect intend application of final product


1. Paraffinic process oils (RéGlo PR Series)  – Low solvency & high aniline point with low aromaticity, excellent color, oxidation & Thermal stability & also elastomeric compatibility
2. Naphthenic Process oils (RéGlo NA Series) – Exhibit High solvency, good thermal stability, excellent compatibility & non staining properties
3. Aromatic Process oils, RPO (RéGlo AR Series) – Exhibit low volatility with higher solvency & viscosity for improved productivity & safety standards
4. Low PCA/PAH Oils (RéGlo PP series) – Meets PAH limits specified by regulation 1907/2006/EC, Annex XVII, Entry 50(REACH) formerly EU directive 2005/69/EC, IP 346 requirements for PCA content & fulfills mutagenicity index (MI) requirement of < 0.4 ( according to ASTME 1687-10)”

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