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Available in 180Kg, 26Kg packs



Grease is a solid or semisolid lubricant formed as a dispersion of thickening agents in a liquid lubricant. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral oil and depending upon the soap, the product application & performance differs. Depending upon the grease consistency NLGI grades are categorized from semi solid to solid. FE Offers the complete range of grease for varied application choosing the right soap thickeners to formulate the desired performance requirements.


Lithium Grease – All types of Automotive applications. provide protection against rust, corrosion and water wash out, plain and anti-friction bearings, heavy duty ball and roller bearings operating under high load & temperature. Plain and anti-friction bearings, heavy duty ball and roller bearings operating under high load & temperature.

Chassis Grease – Lubrication of chassis of all types of automotive vehicles, passenger and commercial vehicles, tractors and other heavy duty earth moving equipment

Wheel Bearing Grease – Lubrication and protection of wheel bearing which do not come in contact with moisture / water

Graphite Grease – Also available in other NLGI grades. Recommended for plungers, slides, elevator cables, steel wire ropes etc., Suitable for plain bearing operating in wet condition and as an anti – seize compound in special cases.

High Temperature Grease – Hi Temp is recommended for plain bearings, anti – friction bearings operating at high temperature (120°C to 250°C). Hi Temp E is recommended for heavily loaded machinery operating at elevated temperatures.

Calcium Sulphonate Grease – Excellence performance and long life even in service conditions such as high temperature, outstanding EP and applications with a lot of a water spray, even with salt water.

Lithium Complex Grease – Suitable for the most types of industrial applications in steel plants, mining, cement and other different engineering industries as excellent multipurpose greases.


Ensures smooth operations, even in most difficult environments
Long period of time insuring quality
Consistency & Sustainability
Improved reliability
Cost saving through extended tool & sump life


Multipurpose Grease –  Lithium based
Extreme Pressure Grease Lithium based
Long Life Grease – Lithium complex based

Chasis Grease – Calcium based
Wheel Bearing Grease – Sodium based
Graphite Grease  – Calcium Fine Graphite (5%)
High Temperature Grease – Clay based
High Temperature Grease – Premium Clay Molybdenum Disulphide
Calcium Sulphonate Grease –  Calcium Sulphonate based